New Consulting Paradigms

We have built a unique engagement model by challenging the established paradigms of the consulting industry. This has helped us grow relatively faster than the rest of the consulting industry.


“Consulting firms can only provide recommendations; they cannot implement or guarantee results.”

Our Approach

We are implementation specialists and our fee commits us to work towards significant results. We do not work on effort-based fixed price recommendation projects.


Most consulting firms do not risk sticking their neck out for results. Many of them limit their engagement to providing recommendations. It is far easy and less risky to collect fees for recommendation efforts than to collect it from the accrued benefits to the clients. With clients controlling the decision making process, it appears as if implementation is outside the locus of control of the external consultants. Besides, resistance to change is a natural phenomenon adding on to the risks of implementation.We realized that no person ever resists a change, particularly when he is able to associate the change with significant benefits, at a minimum risk. So any change, which has positive impact on people is always welcome.

We knew if we could bring about significant improvement, while implementing our solution components in a risk-free way, we can not only crumble the so called resistance to change, but also go a step ahead and link our fees to the results.


“Results (particularly, organisation-wide business parameters) are debatable and cannot be easily attributed to an initiative.”

Our Approach

We achieve fast and significant results within a short time of deploying the actions. With Vector’s implementation-based consulting, the time elapsed between start of engagement and first results are one or two months only.


“It is impossible to achieve significant results in a short time. Big results require big efforts and multiple projects in many departments.”

Our Approach

“We use the platform of Theory of Constraints to deliver value, as it is the only methodology that can help focus on the leverage area for expanding the profits of an organisation.”


“Implementing a transformation project requires dependence on multiple partners, a management consultant for initial recommendation, and an IT solution provider and internal efforts to manage the change within the organisation.”

Our Approach

We give the client single-point accountability for results. We bring in our own software tools and transition management expertise to deliver the results. We have a separate software team involved in the development and support of tools required in our implementation.