Parag Milk Foods: From “Push” to “Pull”

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Parag Milk Foods Limited | Investor Presentation | May 2018

Parag Milk Foods: From “Push” to “Pull”

Parag Milk Foods announced the results of its new sales pilot after it rolled out TOC Pull distribution solution to provide very high availability at lower inventory while simultaneously improving freshness of products at retail points.


Parag Milk Foods Ltd. (PMFL), founded in 1992 and headquartered in Mumbai, processes, manufactures, and sells milk and milk products in India. It currently distributes its stocks across the country through 3000 distributors and 2.5 lakh retailers. However in a country with 1.4 crore retailers, the potential is enormous. But the challenge was to strengthen reach and availability without substantially increasing costs. Therefore, the company has adopted this new “pull” distribution model since this solution allows the company to ensure high availability, reach and freshness without the burden of additional investment.


Figure 1: Details of the “Pull” distribution system adopted

The results of the sales pilot were as follows:


Figure 2: Results of the sales Pilot

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