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More is not merrier

The customer is spoilt for choice. Thanks to the explosion in variety in almost every consumer goods product category in the last few decades.

Automobiles Consumer Goods & Retail( Articles)
The Unresolved Conflict: Modern Retail vs. Consumer Goods Companies

It’s war! Multi-brand retailers and companies supplying their brands to the retailers are always in conflict.

Automobiles Engineering & Construction( Articles)
Right for Accounting. Wrong for Project Management.

Financial accounting is a challenge in project organizations involved in delivering large construction projects for its clients.

Automobiles Equipment Manufacturing ( Articles)
Standing on the shoulder of the giants

It is easy to trace the popularity of Lean production to Toyota’s success. Toyota’s success is undeniable.

Automobiles Textile & Apparel ( Articles)
Dealing with variety in supply chain

Henry Ford once remarked: “You can have any colour of car, as long as it is black”.

Automobiles Theory of Constraints ( Articles)
The book is about applications of "Theory of Constraints"

Apparent in Hindsight, the book, uses the Theory Of Constraints framework to delve deep into the chronic problems faced by almost all companies in the Indian automotive industry.

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