Case Studies

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd: Accelerating New Product Development (NPD)

By focusing on enabling flow of projects in the New Product Development funnel using the principles of TOC rather than tracking individual projects, KOEL crashed lead time of projects!

Agile Supply Chain enabled by TOC at Godrej MHE

GODREJ-MHE, India's largest lift truck Manufacturer, adopted Theory of Constraints framework with the help of Vector Consulting Group to revamp its operations to enable it to better meet customer expectations. The company discusses this journey

KOEL : Implementing TOC For Rapid Engine Delivery

Leveraging TOC principles with the help of Vector, Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. created a significant edge over competition, when they offered one week assured delivery to the customers! Mr. Sanjeev Nimkar (Vice President & Business Head) presents this case study at the 2015 TOCICO conference in Cape Town, South Africa

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (PGBU) - Rapid Engine Delivery – Four Weeks to One Week

View senior management at Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.(KOEL), their suppliers and dealers discuss the benefits of moving away from a forecast-based model to consumption-based operations. KOEL is now not only able to offer guaranteed deliveries in ONE WEEK (industry standard is four-six weeks) but have also reaped several financial and operational benefits.