Find the hidden capacity in manufacturing plants

Manufacturing companies tend to be unaware of the ‘Real Capacity’ of their plants. In this podcast, Achal Saran Pande, Senior Partner at Vector Consulting Group, discusses common misconceptions in calculating the ‘Real Capacity’ of a plant and sheds light on how to unearth hidden capacity in almost all plants.

Pharma Operations

In this episode of the Counterpoint Podcast, we bring into focus the challenges that the pandemic has caused on the already disrupted supply chains of pharma companies in India and across the world.

Irrelevance of seasons in the fashion industry

The fashion industry is known for its seasonality, for the seasons bring with it the need for change in the entire range of clothing. In this episode, we discuss the reasons behind why seasonality is such a huge concern and how we can break free from this constraint and make the seasons irrelevant.

Supplier bullwhip effect – Why it happens and the way out?

Supplier Bullwhip is basically an ill effect of a supply chain practice of OEMs who use a combination of monthly forecasting and daily expediting to manage their assembly lines. understand how The Bull Whip generates from OEMs and how it impacts the suppliers

Discover hidden capacities in your Plant

Many plants are often marred by poor efficiencies, late deliveries, and a perpetual fire-fighting mode. This episode gives us an understanding of the problems, the core reasons for these problems and solutions which can dramatically improve any manufacturing plant’s performance within a very short period of time

JIT: Just In Time – Still Relevant OR A Solution of the Past?

Just in Time is a methodology first developed and implemented in the 70’s at Toyota manufacturing plant. This episode will explore the shortcomings with JIT and if this methodology still holds relevance in the current conditions or do we need to evolve and move to a better and sustainable solution

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