Vector Consulting Group wins AMCF 2015 global spotlight awards second year in a row for supply chain excellence


NEW YORK, March 16, 2015 — The Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF),, is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2015 AMCF Spotlight Awards. Finalists are selected across 13 categories for project work that best illustrates how consulting teams add value to their clients’ organizations and to society at large. “As the global […]

Vector Consulting Group Hires From IIM-A, XLRI and ISB

india today

Vector Consulting Group, the largest and fastest growing management consulting company in the space of Theory of Constraints (TOC) in India, has recruited from premier institutes like XLRI, IIM-A and ISB campuses in the recently concluded placement season for 2015. The company has recruited a total of eight candidates from the Indian Institute of Management […]

VCG hires from XLRI

Grow revenues with Vector Consulting Group.

MUMBAI: XLRI has placed its largest ever batch of 300 students in 3.5 days with 108 recruiters including 45 first-timers making a total of 321 offers. The median salary offered to the batch is Rs 17 lakh while the minimum is Rs 12 lakh. Around 99 students were offered PPOs (Pre-Placement Offers) from their summer […]

How to become your OEM’s favourite supplier

CCI directives for OEMs

Tier 1 suppliers of the auto industry claim that they fulfill more than 90% of the orders of the OEMs on a monthly basis. The OEMs, however, complain that the supplies are highly unreliable. Before we take sides, let’s look at how the two entities transact. Picture: ESO Auto Parts Before the month begins or […]

The threat of e-tailers! How do you over come?

implementing pull systems in mom-n-pop stores

E-tailers, with their astronomical valuation figures, are all the rage these days. The daily papers are full of stories of unprecedented funding figures. Flipkart declared that it is chasing the valuation figure of USD100 billion. Amazon’s valuation is 500 times its earnings. While its sales growth rate has been impressive at 40% (CAGR) over the […]