CCI directives-not necessarily bad news for OEMs

CCI directives for OEMs

The Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) recent penalty on a few car manufacturers for what it calls “restrictive and anti-competitive trade practices” may be perceived as a disagreeable reprimand to the auto industry. But the situation may not be as grim as the first reading suggests. The CCI says that the auto companies or OEMs […]

Time to Invest in Thought-ware?

Time to Invest in Thought-ware

Do we really see the world around us with our eyes or do we see it using our mental models. Behavioral scientists are concluding that when it comes to perceiving the world around us, our prejudices shaped by past experiences play a major role. This means that, we as human beings can have different perceptions […]

Wholesalers on pull replenishment, an oxymoron?

implementing pull systems in mom-n-pop stores

I am often asked how I make a living out of implementing theoretical concepts detailed in textbooks. (The textbooks, of course, are The Goal and It’s not Luck, both business novels by the renowned physicist turned management guru Dr Eli Goldratt.) How are the ‘theories’ presented in these books that are studied in classrooms applicable […]

A spare parts strategy for OEMs in the automobile sector

Strategy for OEM

Competition Commission of India has recently come down heavily on a majority of car manufacturers in India for restrictive and anti-competitive trade practices. According to newspaper reports, CCI believes that these auto companies or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) were blocking growth of spare parts and after sales service market by (a) ensuring independent (nonaffiliated) repairers […]