Bajaj Electricals Ltd: Engineering and Projects Division

Over the last 75 years, Bajaj Electricals Ltd, a pioneer in electrical home appliances, lighting and luminaires business, has progressively diversified into turnkey projects. Bajaj Illumination and High mast lighting system projects involve providing lighting solutions for a wide spectrum of utilities such as airports, shipyards, port trusts, sports stadiums, monuments etc., while the Power Distribution projects work on rural electrification. And TLT projects cater to connecting power transmission grids across India –i.e. connecting power generating plants or sub-stations.

Most of the EPC projects in India are executed in environments of high uncertainty and completion of these projects require coordination and cooperation between various stakeholders like state owned companies, individual landowners and the contractors. Therefore gross delays are very common. When Bajaj started TOC implementation, it too had large number of open projects with chronic delays and cost over runs but with the new paradigm of TOC based synchronized supply and execution management of projects, the company reaped both operational and financial benefits.
The results include:

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