Transformation Dilemma

Transformation Dilemma

Organizations need a transformation or change from the status quo in order to improve. At the same time, not every change leads to an improvement. In fact, more than 70% of transformation projects fail! Organizations perpetually face this dilemma.


The Science Of Successful

The only way out of this is to follow an effective approach of making every change meaningful, one which delivers significant value. Any change involves finding the right answers to these three questions.

What To Change? (Problem Identification)
  • Focus on solving problems which are symptomatic in nature. So, solutions are typically reversed after a while.
  • Ideas copied from other organizations, which do not address the real issue.
What To Change To? (Definition Of Solution)
  • Too many solutions to be implemented, which requires lot of management band-width.
  • Solution to a problem creates another set of problems forcing its reversal.
  • Solution only leads to superficial change; reality at operating level stays same as before.
  • Solution is too complex, to understand. Hence, managers do not give up heuristics-based decision making.
How To Cause A Change?
  • Poor collaboration for the change from middle and lower management. Frequent use of force of top management to drive change.
  • No available capacity, from daily management issues, to deploy the change.
  • Transitions create short term damages, which in turn, force reversal of solutions.

Vector’s Change Management Approach

Vector Consulting Group uses the systemic thinking process of theory of constraints and available variety of solution tool box within the body of knowledge of TOC, to custom-design solution and lead transformation projects which are always successful. Our methodology focuses on finding effective answers to all three stages of change.

What To Change?
  • We seek to decipher inter-connectedness of problems across departments to clearly identify the leverage point for intervention. Hence, we do not work on a problem statement given to us. We spend time in doing our own systemic analysis of the presented problems to identify the core problem, and hence the leverage point for intervention.
What To Change To?
  • Complex situations require simple yet a breakthrough solution which do not create a problem in any other place. Vector strives at identifying such breakthrough solution which sustains itself for a long period of time.
How To Cause The Change?
  • Solutions which ease the burden of managers, even during the transitions are well accepted by all levels of management.
  • Collaboration is attained by process of elaborate buy-in of all stake-holders across hierarchy for the change.
  • Solutions which ease the burden of managers, even during the transitions are well accepted by all levels of management.

Introducing Vector

Founded in 2006, Vector has come to be one of the largest and fastest growing
management consulting companies in India, well within its first decade.

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