Vivek Ltd -The Unlimited One Stop Shop, partners with Vector Consulting Group to revamp its supply chain

Business Wire, March 1, 2012, Mumbai

Vector Consulting Group, one of the leading consulting firms specializing in Theory of Constraints (TOC) in India, has entered into an engagement with Vivek Ltd, one of the leading consumer durables, IT and telecom products retail chains in South to implement Theory of Constraints (TOC) in the retail business space.

Vivek Ltd recognizes the potential of the Theory of Constraints in enhancing its profitability. Hence it has engaged Vector Consulting Group, with its experience in helping other retail chains such as Westside, Landmark, Liberty Shoes, amongst others, to redesign its supply chain and store stock management to ensure over 98% higher availability with much lower inventory than current levels. We are confident of helping Viveks significantly improve on its sales and profitability through this long-term initiative says Mr. Kiran Kothekar, Founding Director, Vector Consulting Group.

We are glad to be partnering with Vector Consulting Group for the implementation of Theory of Constraints into our line of business. We are looking forward to increase availability and at the same time reduce inventory within the network, said Mr. B A Srinivasa, Joint Managing Director (CEO), Vivek Ltd.

About Vivek Limited:

Vivek Limited is a professionally managed public Limited company with a formidable strength of 1000 employees. Vivek Ltd is one of the most leading and respected consumer electronics and home appliances retail chain in India. Viveks popularized several brands by creating visibility and has the distinction of being a market leader and trendsetter with continuous support from the principal companies. CII and McKinsey raved about the Viveks brand as more trusted than the brands it sells.

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