Video Case Studies – Pull Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Pull Manufacturing & Distribution

    Operational Excellence Through 'Pull' Manufacturing

    Senior management of J.K. Fenner (India) Ltd., shares the remarkable results they achieved by creating an agile supply chain using the Theory of Constraints principles. The company enhanced customer service levels by building a highly responsive "pull" based supply chain that now provides higher availability of its products as well as faster and reliable delivery to its customers.

  • Auto & Auto Components

    Increasing productivity while reducing lead time in manufacturing

    Many auto companies claim to have minimum inventory, but most also suffer from acute shortages, frequent expediting, and the need for continuous production rescheduling. International Tractors Limited moved away from a forecast-based model to an end-to-end pull-replenishment based model to overcome these issues and ensure near-perfect availability of components while reducing inventory in the entire value chain.

  • Pull Manufacturing & Distribution

    Bajaj Electricals Ltd. – Creating A New Benchmark In Consumer Goods Distribution

    After implementing a ‘pull’ based distribution solution, Bajaj has created a distribution highway that reaches out every week to more than 200,000 retailers!

  • Pull Manufacturing & Distribution

    Fleetguard Filters: Ten Years Of TOC Implementation

    Fleetguard Filters Ltd. implemented the principles of Theory Of Constraints company-wide to achieve phenomenal improvements in financial and operational performance. This video describes their ten-year journey of excellence which won them several national and international recognitions.

  • Pull Manufacturing & Distribution

    VIP: De-Stressing Supply Chain And Sales With TOC

    VIP Industries Ltd. is India’s largest and a leading luggage manufacturer in the world. The company partnered with Vector to help grow the top-line and bottom-line of the company by using TOC way of thinking. View this video to see how high stress is not necessarily a condition for outstanding performance, instead it is a major obstacle!

  • Pull Manufacturing & Distribution

    Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (PGBU) - Rapid Engine Delivery – Four Weeks To One Week

    Senior management at Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.(KOEL), their suppliers and dealers discuss the benefits of moving away from a forecast-based model to consumption-based operations. KOEL is now not only able to offer guaranteed deliveries in ONE WEEK (industry standard is four-six weeks) but have also reaped several financial and operational benefits.