The Firm

Vector Consulting Group partners with clients to create market differentiators by building capabilities in supply chain and operations that provide a competitive edge. Vector uses the solutions and framework of Theory of Constraints to build these capabilities for its clients.

Vector Consulting Group is widely known for being an implementation-focused consulting firm with a unique risk sharing model of consulting, unprecedented in the Indian industry.

Founded in 2006, Vector has come to be one of the largest and fastest growing management consulting companies in India, well within its first decade.

Vector has pioneered Theory of Constraints implementations in companies belonging to large corporate houses in India like Tata Motors, TVS group, Cummins, Kirloskar, L&T, Godrej Group amongst many others.

New Consulting Paradigms


We have built a unique engagement model by challenging the established paradigm of the consulting industry. This has helped us grow relatively faster than the rest of the consulting industry

Unique Engagement Process

A new paradigm can become the DNA of an organisation only when it delivers significant improvements quick enough for people to relate the cause and the effect. To make this happen, our engagement model is ‘less recommendation heavy’ and more ‘implementation heavy’