Vector’s Client Liberty Shoes Is The Winner Of Economic Times Award For Supply Chain Innovation In Retail For The Year 2013

Vector’s client Liberty Shoes is the winner of Economic Times Award for supply chain innovation in retail for the year 2013

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About Vector Consulting Group

Vector Consulting Group is the leading consulting firm in the space of Theory of Constraints consulting in India, It engages with organizations to help them gain market share by building unique supply chain capabilities that provide a competitive edge in the market. Vector Consulting Group is engaged with India’s most renowned industrial houses such as Tata, Godrej, Bajaj Electricals, Cummins Group, Raymond, and Kirloskar Oil Engines etc.

About ET Retail Awards

The Economic Times developed these retail awards to serve as a level playing field to large and small players in the sector. The categories have been designed in ways that cover all aspects of business, thus ensuring that not a single out-of-the box idea goes unnoticed. The award is an initiative by Times Grey Cell.