De-stress to deliver

De-stress to Deliver

Many organisations have achieved significant financial and operational results by aligning their functions to the principles of Theory of Constraints (TOC). Interestingly, behind these numbers also run untold stories of transformation of work lives of managers. These stories are about how stress and disharmony among managers receded, and eventually, disappeared; relationships between people, departments and business partnerships became imbued with harmony! So all-pervasive was the influence of these solutions that some managers pronounced these implementations akin to an intervention by the human resource department!

So, how was it that a business solution also became a panacea for organisational stress and disharmony? How could a change in shop floor material management, or a distribution methodology or a new way of managing projects impact work lives? To answer the question we need to understand sources of stress and disharmony in work places.

Industry Vicious Loops

Stress comes from chronic issues. These issues stay unresolved because they are part of a bigger casual loop of more problems and symptomatic managerial actions. Understand how and why chronic issues stay unresolved in different industries.

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Consumer Goods & Retail
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Engineering & Construction

De-stress Case Study

The videos under this section details their organisations financial and operational results achieved by aligning their functions to the principles of Theory of Constraints (TOC). View these videos to see how these organisations have created a stress-free environment!

VIP Industries Ltd.

Consumer Goods

De-stressing Supply Chain
and Sales with TOC

Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Engineering & Construction

Turning around the engineering and projects business

VIP Industries Ltd is world's second largest and Asia’s largest luggage manufacturer. The company partnered with Vector to help grow the top-line and bottom-line of the company by using TOC way of thinking. View this video to see how high stress is not necessarily a condition for outstanding performance; instead it is a major obstacle!

In spite of a highly uncertain environment, Bajaj Electricals Ltd., now not only delivers large projects on time but it has also done so while consistently improving financial results! View this case study.