Meet the Team

Meet the Founders

Kiran Kothekar

Kiran strongly believes that it is time to redefine the role of consultants and has made it his calling to bring in much needed honesty into the consulting industry.Read more

Puneet Kulraj

Puneet believes that it is Vector’s mission to help every organization on the planet to have an operationally harmonious and financially fulfilling existence!Read more

Satyashri Mohanty

Satyashri, or Satya as his friends call him, believes that Vector can and has the responsibility to tear apart archaic beliefs that hold companies back; and to continually invent, implement, and hence solve chronic unresolved problems in the management of organizations.Read more

Shailesh Ranjan

Shailesh believes that a bad solution never sees light of day. A great solution, however, cannot thrive on its greatness alone. It’s success depends on rigor of execution.Read more