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Kiran Kothekar

"For many corporate leaders ‘management’ mostly entails fixing accountability, taking commitments, and establishing post facto blame worthiness. This naïve notion of management always focusses on who is the problem rather than what is the problem! Consequently, the company is soon caught up in chronically unresolved issues."


Kiran strongly believes that it is time to redefine the role of consultants and has made it his calling to bring in much needed honesty to the consulting industry. He abhors jargon, and holds the opinion that anyone using bombastic language is actually trying to camouflage an average mind. Over the 28 years of his career, he has applied his brand of “brutal honesty” in all endeavours. He has been tirelessly working to build a culture of openness at Vector.

Kiran leads business development for Vector, and believes that it is often important to be severe than kind in client engagements. His ability to cut out clutter and quickly get to the heart of the matter enables Kiran to grasp chronic organizational issues, to conceive robust solutions which can give quantum jumps in organizational performance and to effectively communicate these solutions to the top leadership of companies.

Courage and authenticity are core values for Kiran. He reflects these in his various public speaking engagements, as well. A charismatic speaker, Kiran is engaging, high-energy and completely at ease with himself and his audience. An expert in using TOC thinking process to evaluate companies, he frequently conducts sessions for analysts on how to go beyond numbers to study companies.

Kiran is a self-admitted workaholic. Switching flights and hopping a couple cities in a single day is routine. While coming out of ‘work mode’ is tough for him, he makes sure to spend Saturday evenings with friends and family. A connoisseur of fine whisky, he loves exploring aromas and flavours of single malts, smokier, the better!.

Kiran is a mechanical engineer and management graduate by education. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, son and daughter

Is there a way in which leaders can get quantum improvements in very little time? Kiran Kothekar, explains how this can be done if leaders inculcate a scientific way of thinking and making decisions. Using example of an FMCG company, he describes why the key lies in 'convergent thinking' and the right sequencing of important improvement projects.


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Consumers Goods & Retail

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