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Puneet Kulraj

"When managers speak about the persistent problems they face, most tend to verbalize them as absence of desired solution. This, to my mind, is the single biggest obstacle to solving chronic issues in organizations. Defining the core problem well is half the battle!"


Puneet believes that it is Vector’s mission to help every organization on the planet to have an operationally harmonious and financially fulfilling existence! His relentless pursuit therefore has been to leverage his expertise his training in TOC, people skills, sales knowhow or his project management proficiency to transform the lives of his clients.

He believes that in order to build Vector into a consulting company that can make a difference, consultants have to stand strong on their core principles. Puneet considers it his personal responsibility to continuously impart the company’s values, behaviours, and attitudes so as to nurture Vectorians into a team which is committed, passionate about learning and can act and make decisions as any owner would.

In the last 27 years of wearing different hats as a sales manager, a product manager, and as a consultant, he has travelled to nooks and corners of India, and interacted with people from all walks of life and at different levels in organizations. This intimate knowledge of the country came handy when he pioneered the TOC sales and distribution solution to guide companies expand their retail and sales footprint across India. Thus, he busted the myth that after a point it is unviable to service the millions of small retailers in this country. He continues to be a leading expert and innovator in this area.

Work is play for Puneet, as his clients who’ve enjoyed training sessions imbued with humour are well aware. He is a consummate story teller who has the gift of driving home deep management insights through jokes.

Like his flair for training, his style of client engagement too, is unique. At the very commencement of assignment, he deeply empathises with the problems of company’s top management. He then takes complete ownership of the problems and soon “becomes” one of the company men. This transformation is clearly visible in his choice of attire as well. No one is surprised when they see him working with the client in the client’s own company t-shirt!

His ability to relate to the problems of an industry is also evidenced in the management novel he co-authored called “Apparent in Hindsight,” in which he shares his insights on the Indian Auto industry. A TEDx speaker and a sought-after keynoter, Puneet has written extensively on his counter-intuitive approach to transforming companies in leading publications.

Puneet is toying with the idea of taking his ease with public speaking, his sense of comic timing and story-telling skills beyond the world of companies and boardrooms onto the stage as a professional stand-up comedian.

Puneet lives in Mumbai with his wife and daughter.

Direct retail coverage of the whole country or numeric distribution is viable. Find out why? Puneet Kulraj, explains why, even though many companies realise that there is significant sales loss because they are not available in a huge number of small outlets, they believe that this incomplete distribution is an unchangeable fact that they have to accept.


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