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Satyashri Mohanty

"The beginning of ‘innovation thinking’ is not about what you can do with a given ‘hot technology’. It is about applying your mind to solving a chronic industry problem that others have given up on."


As a human race, we can solve any problem if we apply the same rigor that is used in the study of hard sciences. So, Satyashri, or Satya as his friends call him, believes that Vector can and has the responsibility to dispel archaic beliefs that hold companies back; and to continually invent, implement, and hence solve chronic unresolved problems in the management of organizations.

In the last 22 years of his career, after completing his education in mechanical engineering and business management, Satya gained experience in supply chain management, operations, and high-variability operational environments. This experience clubbed with his expertise in systems thinking, has enabled Satya to add to the TOC body of knowledge with a new version of CCPM in areas where traditional CCPM methods don’t work, including pure Research and Development, New Product Development, Heavy engineering, Banking etc. He has also enhanced and implemented TOC solutions for EPC, custom manufacturing, Fashion operations and retailing, and Software development with fantastic results. He has innovated and implemented the concept of ‘management by tactics’, a unique TOC approach to leadership which runs contrary to prevailing wisdom in management.

Satya loves teaching. He’s the “Coach” of Vector, constantly designing and delivering training programs to guide Vectorians to higher levels of knowledge and implementation capability. He continues to spread the good word on TOC through blog posts and speaking assignments. Satya’s articles have been featured in a variety of publications, including The Economic Times, Business Standard, and Forbes. He has also co-authored the management novel, “Apparent in Hindsight”, which delves into the why and how of implementing TOC in manufacturing operations.

Satya is a voracious reader, deeply interested in philosophy of science, epistemology and systems theory. The same cannot be said about his approach towards food. A health freak, Satya has a dubious reputation for being extremely finicky about his diet.

Satya lives in Mumbai with his wife and two children.

Targets don’t work! Satyashri Mohanty, explains why and what is the alternative. The most popular method by which organizations try to achieve desired behaviours is by setting individual targets and by using a system of rewards and punishments to reinforce them. While made popular by stalwarts like Peter Drucker, Management by Objectives or Management by Targets is riddled with lacunas. He proposes a radically new approach towards this problem called 'Management by Tactics'


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