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Shailesh Ranjan

"Companies tend to look for solutions to problems only at the place of their detection! So productivity issues have to be resolved by production, procurement problems by the purchase department etc. This is the worst form of local optima thinking and it prevents organizations from making breakthrough improvements."


Shailesh believes that a bad solution never sees light of day. A great solution, however, cannot thrive on its greatness alone. Its success depends on rigor of execution.

Shailesh is the manufacturing guru at Vector. In addition to mastering traditional TOC solutions for manufacturing environments where there is a dominant constraint, he has evolved and deployed robust TOC solutions in environments like Pharma and Steel industry, where there are interactive constraints. Under his guidance, over 500 plants have been able to harness their full capacities. He has tweaked their efficiencies to raise output and revenue. Of course, all this while holding a tight leash on capex.

Shailesh works closely with clients to help achieve harmony on the shop floor. The smooth flow of material on the shop floor unlocks productivity, translates into efficient operations and highly agile supply chains. He believes that this superior capability can be a source of significant competitive advantage for companies.

A chemical engineer by education, Shailesh is acutely aware of elements that create strong partnerships. It is his belief that to ensure harmonious relationships, there can be only one kind of deal - a Win-Win. Any Win-Lose deal is doomed to deteriorate into a Lose-Lose situation.

Shailesh listens more than he talks but when this Guru speaks, there’s usually an attentive audience because he is the acknowledged “go-to-guy” for consultants in a tight spot in their implementations. Immensely revered by Vectorians and clients, he is most known for his straight forward approach and his people agnostic analysis of problems–an almost art form he’s perfected over the 26 years of his work life.

Shailesh is an adventure enthusiast. He enjoys travel to remote locales where he treks and climbs mountains.

He lives with his wife in Mumbai, India.


"Pull" Solution for Manufacturing

With implementation of Theory of Constraints solution, it is expected that all plant managers align their thinking and decision making to the paradigm of flow rather than local efficiencies

"Pull" Solution for Manufacturing

Restoring Harmony in Manufacturing Plants

I am sure most of you must have observed and experienced the extent of disharmony that exists in any organization. Unless sources of disharmony are resolved, situation will not change. Can TOC bring in harmony among people?

Equipment Manufacturing

Dealing with emperor’s new clothes

Find out how TOC can help plant managers maximize speed of order flow while improving capacity utilization

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