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Agile supply chains: Navigating black swans with speed and resilience

Explore our latest article for insightful analysis and strategic solutions to modern business challenges, promoting growth and enhancing efficiency in a dynamic marketplace.


Uncertainty is the only certainty in the world of projects, says Anantha Keerthi, Partner, Vector Consulting Group

Discover how Flow Management transforms CAPEX project efficiency and ROI in India offering vital strategies for optimization.

The Economic

The Lean Inventory Illusion: A Closer Look at India's Auto Supply Chains

Discover how India's auto OEMs master minimal inventories, balancing JIT efficiency with supply chain stability for improved availability and productivity.

Supply Chain Management Review

Lives Depend on the Success of the Life Sciences Supply Chain

Discover the intricacies of the pharmaceutical supply chain, where global ties shape availability and crises reveal the urgency for resilience. As technology and nearshoring redefine the landscape, we probe the balance of supply, demand, and regulation. Stay ahead with our in-depth analysis


Rural India’s economic shift: Digital drive spurs growth

Discover India's rural transformation: Rising digitalization spurs economic growth and entrepreneurial ventures, poised to eclipse urban consumption by 2030. Unveil the potential for market expansion in our detailed analysis.


Highway projects have witnessed relatively good speed ever since the government began securing at least 80% to 90% of ROW land

Explore how the Interim Budget 2024-25 is transforming infrastructure with accelerated highway projects and innovative solutions to critical challenges.

The Economic

Unlocking pharma manufacturing agility: Innovations for reliability, flexibility, and growth

The article discusses the growth covering the pharma industry masks entrenched supply chain conflicts. The dilemma of ensuring agility to meet changing demand without escalating costs threatens the industry's very foundation.

Express Pharma

Revolutionizing Outcomes: Agile CROs Lead the Way

The article delves into the transformative role of Agile Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are pivotal in reshaping industry outcomes, transitioning to valued partners with strategies to boost productivity and satisfaction.


Red Sea attacks disrupt trade in India, MEA as freight, trade finance costs surge amid major delays

The article delves into the extensive impact of the Red Sea attacks across various sectors, providing a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced due to the disruptions.

The Economic

‘Guru-chela’ method of skill upgradation is too slow

Discover how India plans to bridge its staggering 33 million skilled labor gap in construction, unlocking a trillion-dollar opportunity and transforming the employment landscape.

CXO Today

Balancing Standardization and Customized ERP to Improve Manufacturing Profitability

Leverage your ERP systems with a business-centric approach. Avoid fragmented implementations and costly overhauls. Our method integrates tailored solutions into existing ERPs, enhancing efficiency and ROI. Learn how our approach has successfully transformed numerous organizations' operational efficiency.

The Times of India (online)

How to ensure spare part availability for quick car repairs and servicing

The article talks about how automobile OEMs are committed to ensuring seamless access to spare parts once the product is available/sold to a consumer.


Vector Consulting Group announces capital and business alliance with TIS Inc

As part of the alliance, TIS Inc—one of the technology firms in Japan, has acquired a 20 percent stake in Vector. The alliance paves the way for Vector to expand its footprint in growing markets, including Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand.

Business Today

Vector announces alliance with TIS Inc, one of the largest tech firms in Japan

Vector announces capital and business alliance with TIS Inc, one of the largest tech firms in Japan. The alliance will see Vector expand its footprint to markets like Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand.

ET HRWorld

Is quiet hiring the solution for quiet quitting and quiet firing?

An interaction with HR leaders to understand the importance of quiet hiring and to know if companies view this as a strategy to tackle quiet quitting and quiet firing.

ET HRWorld

How to create a culture of criticism to facilitate innovation?

The article talks about way to create a new culture that facilitates ideation and criticism to dismantle the formal and informal systems supporting a hierarchy-driven culture.

Business Standard

Vector Consulting Group expands its footprint and launches operations in Indonesia

Vector Consulting Group, India's largest homegrown management consulting firm, announced its foray into the Indonesian market.


India can continue to be number one in generic pharma business

The article explains how India's generic pharma business, despite facing challenges recently, can maintain its 'number one' tag.

The Week

Vector Consulting Group India's Leading Supply Chain Management Consultant Launches the Second Edition of the Business Novel "Apparent in Hindsight"

After the success of its first business novel in India, Vector Consulting Group launches its 2nd edition of “Apparent in Hindsight”. The book highlights the problems faced by most of the auto components manufacturers that are supplying the material to OEMs and aftermarket.

Business Standard

Vector Consulting Group India's Leading Supply Chain Management Consultant Launches the Second Edition of the Business Novel "Apparent in Hindsight"

Read what Business Standard online says about ‘Apparent in Hindsight’, the business novel by Vector Consulting Group. Presented as a story of two key managers of an auto ancillary company.


Vector Consulting Group India's Leading Supply Chain Management Consultant Launches the Second Edition of the Business Novel "Apparent in Hindsight"

The book highlights the problems faced by most of the auto components manufacturers that are supplying the material to OEMs and aftermarket. A must-read for the MDs, CEOs, CXOs, Plant heads, Supply Chain Heads, Operations Heads of the automobile sector, and others.

Dina Bhoomi

Book released by Vector Consulting Group

The book titled ‘Apparent in Hindsight’ launched by Vector Consulting Group.

Business India

When Jindal Stainless made the elephant dance

By disrupting industry paradigms, Jindal Stainless Limited reinvented its entire supply chain by viewing it from the lens of the customer. Abhyuday Jindal, the Managing Director of the company shares this story.

SCM Now Magazine

The Theory of Constraints Smooths the Path to Success

Bajaj Electricals Limited’s transformation story featured in SCM Now magazine - its award winning transformation from a ‘push’ to a ‘pull’ based supply chain and distribution system.

news-theory of constraints-never-late-re-invent

Theory of constraints - it’s never late too late to re-invent

Kiran Kothekar founding director of the Vector Consulting Group in an investor meet organised by Investec discusses why adopting TOC based pull-manufacturing methodology can help building material companies not only overcome challenges in the current pandemic crisis but also emerge market leaders by consolidating market share in the industry.

Outlook Business

The ‘Leap Year’ at Raymond

In an interview with Outlook Business, Satyashri Mohanty explains on how vector team identifed the real problem faced at Raymond’s textile division and that the problem had to be fixed on priority

The Week

Vector Consulting Group Continues to Grow With New Recruits From Top B-schools

The company has recruited 16 candidates from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM BLR), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore), Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Indian School of Business (ISB), and S P Jain School of Global Management (Dubai) campuses. With the new addition, the team size of Vector will be 140 consultants.

Business Standard

Raymond revamps supply chain

Raymond revamped its supply chain to become leaner and more agile. By implementing "pull" manufacturing and distribution, it is dynamically improving its ability to react quickly to demand.


Schneider Electric Streamlines Software Development With a Nonlinear Approach

Schneider Electric and partner Vector Consulting Group, a supplychain operations firm diagnosed a core issue that afflicts many of today’s software development environments.


Sustainable “Go To Market” Strategy-The TOC way

Vector’s Kiran Kothekar, in an Interview with CLSA, shares his views on “GTM” which has now become the latest buzz word in distribution strategy.

Skipper Limited

Skipper Pipes Reboots their Polymer Business with TOC

Skipper Limited turns out to be the only Polymer Products manufacturing company to roll out The Theory of Constraints (TOC) in an organized manner.

news-centuryply-adopts-pull-based strategy
Century Plyboards India Limited

Centuryply adopts ‘pull-based’ strategy

By adopting a ‘pull-based’ strategy as opposed to a ‘push’ in collaboration with Vector Consulting Group, Centuryply has ushered a paradigm shift in its operations.

Edelweiss Research

Parag Milk Foods - Milking value-added portfolio for growth

Edelweiss as part of their series ‘COFFEE WITH CEO’ the team met Parag Milk Foods’ (Parag) Chairman Mr. Devendra Shah and CFO Mr. Vimal Agarwal to gain insights into its business


Reclaiming Global Leadership in Textile Manufacturing

In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Satyashri Mohanty discusses how Indian textile is losing its "cheap labor" based competitive edge and how exporters have no option but to make a huge paradigm change to regain a compelling advantage in the international markets.

Ambit Insights

TOC Sets New Industry Standards

Theory of constraints processes for distribution and retailing has become an industry standard and is so recognized by analysts and competing players of Bajaj Electricals where these processes have been rolled out.

news-vector-consulting-group-hires-from top-b-schools

Vector Consulting Group Hires from Top B-schools

In the recently concluded placement season for 2018, the company has recruited talent from premier institutes like XLRI, IIMs and ISB.

The Textile Magazine

Himatsingka: Emerging global leader in home textiles

The group has carved a niche for itself in home textiles, not by treading old beaten paths but by taking on risks and challenges that have elevated it to be amongst the most advanced textile companies the world

Business Standard

VIP’s real-time conveyor belt

The luggage maker has shifted to a manufacturing model dictated by sales performance. VIP Industries, which was set up in 1971, has four factories that together produce nearly five million pieces annually


Pratibha Syntex Wins C&A’s ‘Best Global Supplier Award’

Pratibha Syntex (Indore), a well-known Indian apparel exporter and a leading manufacturer and exporter of knitted garments and Speciality yarn

Change Magazine

Godrej Interio : Happy Customers, the TOC way

Interio’s B2B arm provides solutions for office furniture requirements and has been experiencing intense competition from the local mid-sized and small players, as well as imports.

Business Today

Conventional Management Approach Is A Misfit Today, Says Vector Consulting Director

Kiran Kothekar, Founding Director, Vector Consulting Group, in an interview with Business Today talks on the trends seen in the consulting space in India


Vector Consulting Group Wins 2016 AMCF Spotlight Awards With Godrej Material Handling Division and Pratibha Syntex Ltd.

Vector Consulting Group, the largest management consulting firm in the space of Theory of Constraints in Asia, was announced the winner in 2 categories of the AMCF Spotlight


Fleetguard Filters, Client of Vector Consulting Group Wins 2016 TOCICO International Achievement Award

Vector Consulting Group, India’s largest management consulting firm in the space of Theory of Constraints, is proud to announce that their client, Fleetguard Filters, is the winner of 2016 TOCICO International Achievement Award, Platinum Level.


A practical approach to implement pull based manufacturing

The pioneering endeavours of auto greats Henry Ford and Taiichi Ohno have deeply impacted the industry. The pervasive influence of their ideas can be seen in most of today’s manufacturing environments


Vector Consulting Group Announces Launch of its First Business Novel 'Apparent in Hindsight' for the Auto Industry

The book delves deep into the chronic problems faced by almost all companies in the Indian automotive industry. It closely examines and challenges the fundamental assumptions that have held firm since time immemorial and guided the management of these companies in procurement, operations, distribution and sales


Mr. Arvind Balaji, President ACMA, Launches the Book 'Apparent in Hindsight' Authored by Vector Consulting Group

‘Apparent in Hindsight’ was launched by Mr. Arvind Balaji, President ACMA, during ACMA’s (Automotive Components Manufacturers Association) western region meet, in Pune.


Vector Consulting Group With KOEL (Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited) Wins 2015 AMCF Spotlight Awards for Value & Excellence in Management Consulting

Vector Consulting Group bags the AMCF Spotlight Award for the Second Year in a row in the supply chain category at New York city


Fighting Fakes in Auto Parts

If you own car or bike, at some point in time, it will go in for repairs and maintenance. At that point in time the mechanic may replace one or few of the parts


2015 AMCF Spotlight Awards Finalists

The AMCF finalists were chosen by an independent panel of judges who assessed the quality of each submission and rigorously evaluated them against detailed selection criteria


Vector Consulting Group Hires from IIM-A, XLRI and ISB

Vector Consulting Group, the largest and fastest growing management consulting company in the space of Theory of Constraints (TOC) in India, has recruited from premier institutes like XLRI, IIM-A and ISB campuses in the recently concluded placement season for 2015


How to become your OEM's favourite supplier

Tier 1 suppliers of the auto industry claim that they fulfill more than 90% of the orders of the OEMs on a monthly basis. The OEMs, however, complain that the supplies are highly unreliable


The Threat of E-tailers! How do you over come?

E-tailers, with their astronomical valuation figures, are all the rage these days. The daily papers are full of stories of unprecedented funding figures


CCI directives - not necessarily bad news for OEMs

The Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) recent penalty on a few car manufacturers for what it calls “restrictive and anti-competitive trade practices” may be perceived as a disagreeable reprimand to the auto industry.


Wholesalers on pull replenishment, an oxymoron?

How are the ‘theories’ presented in these books that are studied in classrooms applicable

The Economic Times

Companies resort to Theory of Constraints to stay ahead in the game

Godrej & Boyce has 15 different businesses under it, from appliances to furniture and security systems.

SmartCEO Magazine

A spare parts strategy for OEMs in the automobile sector

Competition Commission of India has recently come down heavily on a majority of car manufacturers in India for restrictive and anti-competitive trade practices

The Machinist

In search of the Silver Bullet

Most discrete manufacturing plants struggle with maintaining good on-time delivery performance. Consistent on-time performance of high 90s (sticking to committed deadline) is extremely rare

The Machinist

Implementing Pull Systems in Mom-n-Pop Store Formats

The last week of the month is the most stressful for sales managers of consumer goods companies as they fight to conquer sales targets (not to mention the stress on the dispatch people and the channel partners)

Business Standard

Getting off on the right foot

As the Indian footwear industry becomes more organised, players are honing their forecasting, distribution and display skills to woo the fashion-conscious buyer


Godrej Security Solutions Wins 2014 TOCICO International Achievement Award

The company has been awarded the TOCICO International Achievement Award 2014 for sustained excellence and demonstrated results utilizing Theory of Constraints (TOC), in addition to significant contributions to the TOC community


Interview of Mr Puneet Kulraj with

In an interview with, Puneet talks about how ours is a recommendation-thin and implementation-thick engagement model both in terms of time and payouts


Mahindra First Choice Services (MFCS) Partners with Vector Consulting Group (VCG) to revamp its Supply Chain

Vector Consulting Group Enters Into an Engagement With Mahindra First Choice Services to Build an Agile Supply Chain Using Principles of Theory of Constraints

The Economic Times

Retailers Dilemma: To grow rapidly or to grow cautiously?

It is relatively easier for retail chains to show rapid sales growth by opening new stores, however if there is no profit then continuing on this path of growth jeopardizes the very existence of the company.

The Hindu Business Line

Cashing in on Constraints

Small appliances brand Morphy Richards challenged standard industry practices by adopting the Theory of Constraints.


VIP Industries Partners with Vector Consulting Group to revamp its Supply Chain

Vector Consulting Group Enters Into an Engagement With VIP Industries to Build an Agile Supply Chain Using Principles of Theory of Constraints


World Retail Award 2013

The platform brings together the leaders of today’s global retail industry from the established market leaders to the most innovative start-ups and disruptors


Vector Consulting Group recruits from IIMs and XLRI

In the ongoing placement season of 2013, Vector plans to recruit 10 consultants from the premier institutes of the country like IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore and XLRI-Jamshedpur

Business Standard

Taking a big leap in consultancy – the VCG way

Helping companies beat downturn blues means big bucks these days, and consultants make hay as the sun still shines!

The Financial Express

Reinventing the Bookshop

With TOC implementation, Landmark ensures high availability at low inventory across its stores, and its product mix decisions and innovations have paid off

Business Standard

Go with the flow

The automobile industry in India comes with a disclaimer. That the looping challenges of its component manufacturers, who supply anything from nuts and bolts to seats to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), puts the brakes on its ambitious plans.


Jyoti Ltd. Partners with Vector Consulting Group to Revamp its Supply Chain

Vector Consulting Group will be the implementation partner for transforming the supply chain of Jyoti Ltd. using the TOC principles. Through Theory of Constraints, Jyoti Ltd. intends to redefine paradigms of managing the multi-project environment.


Paper on "Task Prioritization Rules For Project Execution" by Vector Consulting Group gets published in IJERA

This paper provides a substantially better way to prioritize the tasks within a multi-project environment than the one currently advocated by Critical Chain Project Management and used by its practitioners

The Hindu Business Line

Removing supply constraints at TACSA

How Tata Automobile Corpn South Africa is tackling short-supply of spares.

The Economic Times

Don’t know what’s holding your company back? Theory of Constraints might give you the answer

The TOC approach takes a cause-and-effect route towards establishing and exploiting the ‘weakest link’ (constraints’) within an organisation that prevents it from reaching profitability and efficiency levels well beyond its ken

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