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There is reason to believe in greatness, and we believe that it never comes from conforming to the conventional but by developing solutions to problems, using the 'first principles' thinking. In the process, we turn out to be unique. We understand a consulting firm, which not only ideates but also implements with a guarantee of success, has to have a culture of fearlessness, authority to balance work and personal life, and an environment with a ruthless focus on skills upgrade.

The end result is a culture which is different from the typical corporate. We like to call it - The Vector Way. It's the way of life for a unique league of innovative problem-solvers and disciplined implementors.

We know that hungry minds don't thrive in conventional hierarchical corporate control. That's why, The Vector Way gives that control and freedom to each Vectorian to design their own growth.

With an annual feedback system that rewards skills and motivates you to acquire more, our evaluation is purely based on the individual's skills rather than the business outcomes. Same with promotions. Anyone who believes they have acquired the skills can prove it to an unbiased panel. Transparent and democratic.

We created a space where brainstorming, constructive criticism, debates and open discussions are encouraged and taken seriously. How else can we come up with innovative, out-of-the-box solutions that challenge the status quo for our clients if we don't challenge ourselves? Hierarchy stays dismantled in every conversation and discussion, and reasoning with facts takes centre stage.

Implementation work can take a toll on people when one believes in 'whatever it takes'. Results and impact we create motivates our consultants, but success in professional life is one thing, but it means nothing without a fulfilling personal life. That's where our approach to leaves is different and empowers everyone to choose their leaves according to their priorities. No questions asked.

The inner workings of The Vector Way may sound unbelievable in a world of rigid corporate structures, but when you are certified as a Great Place to Work®, it is official and believable.

We prioritize professional development, balanced personal life, and overall growth for all, with the tools and resources they require to succeed. This is how The Vector Way has paved the path to greatness for our clients and us because we do not conform to the conventional.

Infinite Leaves

The Vector Way is to not worry about the number of leaves left because we don't have a limited number. Thanks to this, consultants who frequently travel can now maintain a healthy work-life balance. Both the organization and the Vectorians benefit from this practice. Just another way The Vector Way is different from others.

Most organizations have a one size fits all approach to their leave policy. But we at Vector realized that this could be better. Sometimes, a Vectorian may avail of leaves to prevent them from lapsing, even when they do not need them. On the other hand, they may sometimes need more leave days than stipulated. At Vector, we felt that the best person to decide when and how many leaves to take is best decided by individual Vectorians. That is why at Vector consulting group, we don't have a cap on the number of leaves. Every Vectorian decides for himself/herself and informs. No questions asked!

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No Appraisal

Yes! The Vector way is to know when to ask for your appraisal. It might sound fancy, but our practice is to acquire the skills required and sit with the direct and unbiased panel to discuss the promotions and appraisal.

The reason why Vector does not have an appraisal system is that most appraisal systems in traditional companies are designed to create internal competition that comes in the way of effective collaboration and great performance. At the same time, promoting individual excellence is also important for us. Therefore, to resolve this conflict between collaboration and competition, we at Vector Consulting Group borrowed ideas from the world of martial arts. At Vector, every individual competes with himself/herself to reach a higher skill level, and Vectorians do not have positions or designations. Instead, we have skill-based belts that every consultant can aspire to without any limitation of available positions on a hierarchy.

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In The Vector Way, decision-making is handled in small groups based on self-organization. No one person has power over anyone else. Every decision is reached through persuasion and buy-in.

This is very different from most organizations that typically have a clear command and control structure. At Vector, we realized that this rigid culture in which individuals hesitate to disagree with their bosses could be detrimental to the creativity and scientific thinking required in a consulting company. Decision-making in Vector is based on the principles of self-organization; this creates an environment that is free of fear and is innovative while also having stability. All decisions are taken based on a complete consensus of small groups.

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No Individual Targets

The Vector Way focuses on making it possible for its employees to achieve the goals rather than setting a target and leaving it up to consultants to figure out how to hit the numbers. In Vector's opinion, such objectives frequently promote shortcuts and obstruct long-term success. The emphasis is on proactive management designed to get in the way of quick implementation.

Unlike Vector, most companies tend to hold individual managers accountable for business targets. The assumption these firms make is that each individual has the authority to fully impact these targets. But we at Vector realized that sustained performance not only requires individual merit but is also a function of environmental factors and the support received from others. Since these systemic factors are ignored by setting individual targets, this practice very often leads to disharmony and below-par performance. Hence at Vector Consulting Group, we have abandoned individual targets and instead take collective responsibility for performance improvement.

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