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Vector focuses on developing innovative solutions to wicked and deep-rooted problems faced by organizations. These transformational solutions for radical change, that aim to bring about quantum jumps in improvement, are first tested using well-designed field experiments or pilots, and then rolled out across the organization. While the pilot phase uses “good enough” tools already available within the organization, long-term sustenance of the new processes require complete digitization, integration with available assets of the organization and deployment of automated monitoring dashboards.

Vector Digital Labs was created to meet this need of our clients, since using standard enterprise software would mean significant customization, a long time for development and long term maintenance issues.

Over the last 16 years, Vector Digital Labs has developed a “lego” model approach for software implementation, wherein semi-finished assets are customised and deployed as per solution design and transition sequence developed by the management consulting team. This approach has helped our clients implement enterprise solutions at the pace of regular “plug and play” software.

Software Assets built by Vector Digital Labs


VectorPro Suite of products which focus on enhancing flow in high variability operations environments

  • Managing large capex projects – Resource and task prioritization and synchronization
  • Managing multi-project new product development
  • Managing design, material flow and shop scheduling for Complex Engineered-to-Order organizations
  • Kanban - based feature flow management for software operations

VectorFlow Modules assisting in managing complex multi-constraint manufacturing plants, distribution and retail

  • End-to-end pull distribution
  • Customer loyalty management
  • Managing Made-to-Order and Made-to-Stock environments
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Multi-constraint scheduling and material release for job shops

VectorFlow Enhancing flow in “people centric” work environments

  • Pharma lab task scheduling
  • Scheduling of backend sales tasks and resource management

DSTOC Intelligent product mix decisions for enhanced profitability

  • Pricing and product mix analysis using constraint analysis of operations

Meet the Vector Digital Lab Team

Team of 50 software experts having technical expertise in data analytics, machine learning, frontend technologies, backend technologies, database, UI/ UX, mobility platforms and data visualization.

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