Simplicity is the foundation of powerful solutions! The Vector blog presents simple solutions to complex business challenges. We have stayed away from jargons and “confirming” data to prove a point. Instead simple straightforward logical narratives are used to present the solution. In these blogs you will get to know how TOC can be used to design breakthrough solutions which re-create harmony in work places.

Wandering bottleneck

Find out how to protect delivery due dates in manufacturing plants with wandering bottlenecks.Read more

-Visu, Chandrachur Datta, Mayuresh Satpute and Subhashish Das

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Managing the COVID 19 crisis: A supply chain approach

Covid-19 pandemic represents a novel dilemma - Do you choose a country's economy or health of its people? What is the way out of this dilemma?Read more

- Vector Consulting Group

Going beyond data for decision-making

Find out how to overcome confirmation bias in decision making. It is high time that organizations invests in improving the thoughtware for getting more and precise data elements through additional investments in hardware and software.Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty

Too many cooks spoil the ..growth!

Read the article to know about how running too many initiatives simultaneously may be counter-productiveRead more

- Suhas Kini
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Management by Tactics

Organizations are abandoning 'Management by Targets' for a radical new approach that nurtures both accountability and collaborationRead more

- Satyashri Mohanty and Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla

Leadership styles and organization culture

Find out what creates toxic work culture in an organization?Read more

- Kiran Kothekar

Balanced scorecard: A promise unfulfilled

Find out why the Balanced scorecard is a weak strategic management tool!Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
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On-time delivery – a misnomer to new product development

Find out how NPD departments can ensure faster product development and avoid missing planned launch datesRead more

- Nilesh Riswadkar

Not so Agile

The assumptions of Agile Methodology of software development create several challenges which derail projectsRead more

- Satyashri Mohanty

Beating project deadlines, the CCPM way

The framework of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) offers a holistic approach for dealing with the Project business. A few of its nuances, however, are far from popular.Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty
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Throughput Accounting: An introduction

In era when accounting was invented, bulk of the cost of a product was truly variable. However in the current era, period expense has become substantial. So, when a significant portion of expenses is artificially allocated to a product, it creates many problems when these variables are used as measurements for decision making.Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty

Constraints and Non-Constraints

‘An hour lost on the bottleneck is an hour lost on the entire system; An hour gained on a non-bottleneck is a mirage’Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty

Know your ‘constraints’

Almost every manager trying to meet targets, is dealing with obstacles that come his way. He overcomes a few, stumbles over the others. He is identifying constraints and removing them. Is this Theory of Constraints?Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty
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The Curious Case of the Failed Entrepreneur

Amit Gade’s cheque bounced! Again! When it happened two months back in the month of May, it was dismissed as a one off aberration till it happened again; this was the third in as many months!Read more

- Puneet Kulraj

Analyzing Mysteries of Implementing Replenishment

I think, the best of internalizing new knowledge is by analyzing case studies. So instead of just posting insights, I would like to share a case with you and some questions to ponder at the end of it…Read more

- Puneet Kulraj

First among Equals: Marketing or Supply chain

For any company involved in manufacturing and selling of tangible products, both marketing and supply chain forms an essential aspect of business.Read more

- D R Kartikayan
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Wandering bottleneck

Find out how to protect delivery due dates in manufacturing plants with wandering bottlenecks.Read more

- Visu, Chandrachur Datta, Mayuresh Satpute and Subhashish Das

Drum-Buffer-Rope: Resolving the Capacity Utilization vs Reliability Conflict in Manufacturing Schedules

With the evolution of new manufacturing techniques, manufacturing plants became increasinglyRead more

- Dr Shelja Jose

A new inventory management paradigm for made to stock companies

Any business which manages stock to meet customer needs faces a key challenge in stock management –what is the right inventory?Read more

- Puneet Kulraj
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