“Pull” Solution for Distribution and Sales

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The Curious Case of the Failed Entrepreneur

Amit Gade’s cheque bounced! Again! When it happened two months back in the month of May, it was dismissed as a one off aberration till it happened again; this was the third in as many months!Read more

- Puneet Kulraj

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Analyzing Mysteries of Implementing Replenishment

I think, the best of internalizing new knowledge is by analyzing case studies. So instead of just posting insights, I would like to share a case with you and some questions to ponder at the end of it…Read more

- Puneet Kulraj

First among Equals: Marketing or Supply chain

For any company involved in manufacturing and selling of tangible products, both marketing and supply chain forms an essential aspect of business.Read more

- D R Kartikayan

From Sales to Production – a tale of misaligned priorities

I once had an opportunity to engage with a company producing and selling custom-built equipment for banks to try and help cut “flab” and steer the company towards improved profitability.Read more

- Vivek Chopra

Sailing the Last Mile

The pull system comes into play the moment manufacturing companies or suppliers start with small quantity supplies of new range of SKUs releasing the capital of the distributor. However, to make this reality there are two important paradigms of supply chain that needs to be addressedRead more

- Sudheer S

Sales team – A very obstinate lot!!!

People in sales are the most obstinate lot of mankind and it is very difficult to get things implemented in sales. This is the primary belief that most companies hold about the sales function, and is one with quite a bit of truth in it too.Read more

- Murali Krishna

Aftermath of Demonetization in the Aftermarket

According to RBI data, 90% of all transactions in India are made with cash. A little over 80% of this cash became practically useless overnight after Rs1000 and Rs500 currency notes were demonetized on November 8 this year.Read more

- Puneet Kulraj