Product range: More isn’t always profitable

Explore expert insights from Arvind Rana on managing product range expansion. In this episode, he discusses strategies for optimizing business performance, streamlining portfolios, and boosting sales.

How to ensure a successful product launch?

In this episode of the Counterpoint Podcast, we will examine the mystery behind new product failures, identify the core conflict underlying them and discuss steps to enable the success of every new product or service you launch.

Managing Supply Chains: A simple yet powerful solution

In the last episode we did a breakdown of typical supply chain problems and how they are all linked to the practice of manufacturing as per forecasts. In this episode we propose a solution by going back to the basics of inventory management

Managing supply chain

In this episode, we take a deep dive precisely into the root cause of this perplexing issue – why do supply chains often fail, despite the numerous people and the cutting edge technologies it has at its disposal?

Influencer Loyalty Programs

In the last episode we discussed how to win long-term loyalty of retailers. However, in many product categories there can be other influencers for a purchase- it could be architects/ carpenters for furniture, masons/engineers for construction products, mechanics for automobiles and so on

Re-inventing Retailer Loyalty Programs

Most companies try hard to win retailer loyalty through various temporary offers and schemes. However, these standard, time bound, volume-slab wise, schemes do not promote any real loyalty. This episode will help us find how firms can truly bond with retailers without any of these issues!

Month end skew

In the first episode, we present to you the ubiquitous month-end skew in sales. In distribution companies the usual sales pattern is 10:20:30:40 over the four weeks of a month. This sales pattern is popularly described as the “Hockey Stick” sales syndrome and is accepted as a normal industry phenomenon

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