Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on various industries

The New Normal

The total lockdown to curtail the spread of the infection in India has been lifted and some territories have been selectively opened up. However, viruses can never be completely eliminated from a country with a single lockdown. New cases will re-emerge in different areas from time to time. Consequently, the new normal could be a situation where different areas go under lockdown or come out of it, depending on the number of cases of infection. This could go on until a vaccine can be administered to the population.

Managing Transition Post Lockdown

Most organizations are experiencing this level of uncertainty for the first time in their lifetime. Most are caught in a vicious loop of falling sales and stifling working capital conditions. The companies which come out of this vicious loop faster will be in an advantageous position to capture a higher market share. However, how can these unprecedented uncertainties in supplies, operations, demand, logistics, and sales, be overcome?

  • Pharma

    Accelerated pharma manufacturing

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  • FMCG

    Retail sales operations: Challenges in the current COVID environment

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  • EPC

    Bridging the pandemic chasm

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  • Agri Equipment

    Revving up the agri-equipment

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  • Consumer Goods

    Pandemic-resistant manufacturing and distribution

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  • Auto Parts

    Shifting gears in auto
    spare parts business

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