Engineering & Construction

Project organisations dealing with turnkey projects involving engineering, procurement and site construction operate in a highly uncertain environment.

The uncertainties along with problems of incomplete inputs and frequent priority changes, in an environment of shared resources, lead to cascading delays in design across projects. The delays put pressure on the design department to take selective action on critical items leading to incomplete hand-over of design and detailing. Multiple design iterations and re-work is almost an accepted norm. Delayed arrival of designs and large volume of procurement items, managed with few buyer resources, adds to further delays and de-synchronization. The site work usually starts without complete drawings and materials and as a result, the contractors do not deploy optimum resources. The delays keep adding up till the time of commissioning. The pressure to start operation is so high, at times; commissioning is done without all streams of the project being complete. No doubt, most organisations leave behind a “tail” after the completion of a project. Resources and money is locked up in many such “tail” projects, while the customer organisations (of the project) has to deal with long periods of under peak performance (as compared to initial specs).

The on-time delivery performance, as per original commitment, is extremely poor (less than 10%), while budget overruns is very common.

Most organisations have tried to deal with chronic problems by trying to control uncertainties. Many have invested in “planning heavy” solutions, investing in new project and resource management software. The problems and overall project performance have however stayed at the same level. This is because none of the solutions address the key challenge, “How to manage resources and projects DESPITE the environment of high uncertainties.”

Vector has applied the planning and execution processes of Critical Chain Project Management to plug the wastages of time and capacity is such complex environments. Organisations have achieved the seemingly impossible targets of being more than 95% on time while being on budget and delivering full scope, with overall reduction in lead time of projects by at least 25%. Some Organisations have extended the operational advantage in the market by giving guaranteed deliveries.

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Our Offer

On-time delivery with full scope and budget as per original commitments while reducing overall lead time by minimum of 25%.

Release capacity by around 30% in departments where resources are shared across projects.

Increased sales from delivery sensitive customer segments