What is new in simplified DBR?

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The good old Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR)

• DBR was developed in the mid 80s as a relatively simple, yet effective, production planning methodology.
• DBR centers on detailed finite capacity scheduling of the capacity resource constraint (CCR).
− The rest of the resources were not scheduled and their activation was based on the schedule for the CCR and/or the due-date.
• DBR was developed under the assumption of getting orders from the sales, without truly impacting the committed dates, and coming up with the best planning possible under the circumstances.

Reminder on Drum, Buffer and Rope

• Drum is the exploitation scheme for the constraint.
− What to produce and the schedule for the CCR.
• Buffer is the protection scheme on the Drum.
• Rope is a schedule for the material release. Its objective is to keep the buffers intact and not allow earlier release of material than required by the buffer.

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