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Exploiting Sales Capacity

Find out how the salesmen can focus on selling and not waste time on sales support tasks!Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
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Spares distribution- When the Long Tail wags the dog

Find out how to ensure availability of equipment spares without increasing inventoryRead more

- Vivek Chopra
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Small is Big

Find out a highly cost effective solution to reaching out to even the smallest of retailer point with a single tier distribution networkRead more

- Sudheer S & Satyashri Mohanty
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Unshackling Infrastructure Industry

Find out how companies can not only manage but also flourish in spite of the inherent challenges of project environmentsRead more

- Satyashri Mohanty & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
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A stitch in time: Cutting lead time and improving reliability of textile supply chains

Read about how garment and textile manufacturing plants can not just reduce costs but also reduce lead time of supplyRead more

- Chandrachur Datta & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
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Insights from Implementation

Insights from Implementation is a series of animation videos which provide deep conceptual understanding of how to overcome typical hurdles while implementing pull based solutions of Theory of Constraints

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Apparent in Hindsight

As disinsight-contentciples of Eli Goldratt, we are heavily influenced by his thinking. He trained us to always take a systems view, seek causal linkages between various seemingly disconnected problems till we hit the leverage point.

- Vector Consulting Group
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Counterpoint Series

Vector Consulting Group primarily focuses on the implementation of pull based systems across sectors in operations, sales, distribution, engineering and project domains. In essence, it implies that the creation and movement of inventory of physical goods or knowledge across work centers or warehouses is based on immediate demand pull rather than predefined forecasts, project plans or targets.

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