Vector’s Client Fleetguard Filters Is The Only Indian Company To Have Won The International TOC Excellence Award In 2009


This award is presented annually to only one company in the world.

At the recently concluded annual TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certifying Organisation) conference, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) became the first Indian company to win the Global award for TOC Excellence. This award is presented annually to only one company in the world.

FFPL manufactures and distributes Air, Oil and Fuel filters for commercial vehicles. FFPL is the first Indian to achieve this rare honour. The past recipients of this award has been Coca Cola, ABB, Boeing and US Marine Corps. The award is given to the company that has demonstrated unparalleled focus and results in using Theory of Constraints (TOC), a management philosophy introduced by Eliyahu Goldratt in his bestselling book “The Goal”.

In the face of a severe recession that almost crippled the automotive industry last year to the extent that some its clients and competitors announced layoffs and plant closures, FFPL posted robust growth and even increased its market share by a significant amount. Assisted by Mumbai based Vector Consulting Group for the past three years, FFPL has been setting records of growth and productivity that are unparalleled in the Indian industry.

Niranjan Kirloskar, the Managing Director of FFPL said “That in their quest for growth and excellence, they zeroed in TOC to be their guiding philosophy in managing the company. Working closely with Vector, FFPL has deployed TOC in every area and aspect of the organisation. In doing so they have realised the rules required to manage a company can be extremely simple and the results equally dramatic.”

Niranjan added that “In Vector Consulting Group, they found a consulting partner who has a rare combination of deep knowledge and obsessive commitment. At times, it would seem that Vector was driving us so hard that we needed a break.”

Kiran Kothekar – Director Vector Consulting Group expressed his happiness on FFPL winning this award. He attributed this achievement to FFPL’s complete faith in Vector that enabled them to achieve their goals for FFPL. With the company operating at 17 inventory turns and the distributors operating at 24 inventory turns with 100% availability, Fleet guard has redefined the benchmarks in entire auto spare parts industry.

Vector Consulting Group is the largest TOC Consulting company in India. working with numerous companies in the Tata, Godrej and Raymond Groups, Vector sets itself apart from traditional consulting companies by liking a major portion of its fees to the real bottom-line gains that are made by its clients. This philosophy takes Vector far away from the consultant’s mindset of submitting copius reports and collecting money. Vector hand holds its clients to its solution are implemented fully and the results show up n the profit.

It was a proud moment not only for Vector Consulting Group but also the Fleetguard Filter Pvt. Ltd. who placed industry yet again on the global stage of recognition and accolades.

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