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The Equipment Enigma: Aligning NPD processes to deliver business growth

Find out how the Indian equipment manufacturing companies can align their R&D processes to grow consistentlyRead more

- Suhas Kini
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Spare the trouble

Ensuring spares availability is naturally a major challenge due to the enormous variety of parts involved across the portfolio of the OEM’s vehicles.Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
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Retail sales operations: Challenges in the current COVID environment

Companies who sell through retailers and depend on salespeople for order collection are facing unprecedented challenges to manage sales in the current COVID environment. Is there a way out?Read more

- Kiran Kothekar
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Bridging the pandemic chasm

Read this article to know how infrastructure companies can manage a quick post-lockdown transition and revival, in spite of the current working capital woesRead more

- Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla, Damodar Enduri, Shantonu Ghosh
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Disentangling sales: Increasing sales productivity in textile companies

Find out how to increase bandwidth and bring transparency and agility in textile & garment companies.Read more

- Chandrachur Datta & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
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Insights from Implementation

Insights from Implementation is a series of animation videos which provide deep conceptual understanding of how to overcome typical hurdles while implementing pull based solutions of Theory of Constraints

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Apparent in Hindsight

This book delves deep into the chronic problems faced by almost all companies in the Indian automotive industry. It closely examines and challenges the fundamental assumptions that have held firm since time immemorial and guided the management of these companies in procurement, operations, distribution and sales.

- Vector Consulting Group
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Counterpoint Series

This series of animation videos explain management leadership paradigms which are essential to support and sustain “pull” based operations. They are common sense but are contrarian to the common practices in organizations.

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