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From Chaos To Harmony In The Auto Industry

Second Edition

Apparent in Hindsight

By Vector Consulting Group | Published by
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The book delves deep into the chronic problems faced by almost all companies in the Indian automotive industry. It closely examines and challenges the fundamental assumptions that have held firm since time immemorial and guided the management of these companies in procurement, operations, distribution and sales. The book is also a commentary on the state of the much haloed improvement techniques being employed by companies for decades—large and small alike—with little improvement to show for the humungous effort being put in. What it presents is the only practical way to improving the state of affairs of such companies—which is extremely powerful because it is very simple. Presented as a story of two key managers of a company, the narrative follows their personal and professional struggles as they deal with conflicts and contradictions that life throws at them and try to surmount their problems. Do they redeem themselves?
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