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Vector Consulting Group primarily focuses on the implementation of pull based systems across sectors in operations, sales, distribution, engineering and project domains. In essence, it implies that the creation and movement of inventory of physical goods or knowledge across work centers or warehouses is based on immediate demand pull rather than predefined forecasts, project plans or targets.

The management styles which support push based operations are not conducive for supporting pull based operations. Pull based operations require a different set of leadership and people management paradigms to sustain the process. Very few organizations in the world run on pull systems, while a vast majority have push systems. Hence conventional experiential know-how of most managers is from the conventional world of push systems.

Counterpoint is a series of animation videos which explains management leadership paradigms which essential to support and sustain pull based operations. They are common sense but are contrarian to the common practices in organizations.

Each video provides a unique insight and can be viewed in isolation. But the insights across videos are dependent on each other. In total it provides a viable alternative to a typical top-down pyramidal organization, prone to chronic conflicts across departments and hierarchy.

Three chapters have been released till date and the subsequent ones will be realised soon. Watch this space for updates.

Management by Tactics

This video points to the problems in the widely practiced “management by objectives” and suggests an alternative approach

Flow Management

The management bandwidth of a typical organization is mostly overloaded with many initiatives. Most of these initiatives take too long to implement and some of them do not see the light of the day. At the same time, more initiatives need to be launched. Is there a way out?

Coach Vs Selector

Coach vs Selector: What role should managers play? Which approach is practical?

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