Idea and its Execution – What’s the missing link?

In this episode with Visu, a senior consultant at the Vector Consulting Group, we explore how Vector has mastered the art of implementing ideas to perfection. We discuss the most important aspects of implementing an idea or a solution and how we overcome the challenges that come our way.

Meeting Fatigue: How can we make meetings add more value?

Many managers talk about endless meetings in their organizations. In fact, a lot of team members also feel their bosses do not give them time because they’re always busy in meetings. In this episode we will learn how do we get out of this dilemma of doing meetings or not doing meetings?

All improvement projects may not add value

In this episode, Kiran Kothekar explains why so many improvement initiatives fail and what leaders should do to get quantum improvements to happen in their organizations in the shortest possible time?

Why individual targets do not drive accountability

Targets don’t work! The most popular method by which organizations try to achieve desired behaviours is by setting individual targets and by using a system of rewards and punishments to reinforce them.

Leadership skills – Are leaders born or made?

Is leadership an art or a science?’ is a perineal debate. In this episode, we discuss and analyze why leadership is a science and not an art and also go further to describe the three important tactics to be effective as a leader.

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