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We help organizations gain a competitive edge in their markets by designing & implementing unique operations, supply chain, project execution and sales delivery capabilities.

We use generic applications and thinking processes of Theory of Constraints to develop custom solutions for our clients.

TOC Flow Enhancement Applications

Research and

Solution helps resolve the conflict between expediting individual projects and protecting delivery requirements of other projects.


Solution helps resolve the conflict of capacity utilization and need to deliver specific orders for customers in the shortest lead-time.

Supply Chain
and Distribution

Solution helps resolve the dilemma of having to face poor availability in spite of having excess inventory at the plants and at points of sale.


The solution helps enhance same store sales growth by reducing inventory while simultaneously improving availability and ensuring freshness of merchandise.

Spares and

Solution helps resolve the conflict between ensuring availability of large variety of spares to improve speed of servicing, while reducing overall inventory.

to Order

Solution helps resolve the conflict of often having to delay some orders while making some other orders before the customer requires it.

Large Project

Solution helps increase working capital turns, while ensuring rapid execution, on-time performance, and clean financial closures of projects.

Value Offer for

Solution eases the pressure of selling with only Price as a differentiator.

Sales Process

Solution helps release capacity of sales team and enhances their effectiveness.

TOC Marketing and Sales Applications

We work in following industry domains.

Please select industry domains to decipher how applications of TOC can be leveraged to solve chronic industry problems.


Analyses of top Custom Manufacturing companies, including manufacturers of capital goods, custom manufacturers of machinery and equipment, which design a product, manufacture and deliver it to an order, show that only a handful have realized healthy sales, profits &ROI in the last decade. Find out how to buck this trend and establish a sustainable competitive edge in this industry.

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Auto &
Auto Components

Auto OEMs, Auto part manufacturers and auto aftermarket players have a constant struggle with the highly cyclical nature of the Auto Industry, i.e. an economic boom is generally accompanied by high sales, while sales usually suffer during economic downturns. Find out how your supply chain can ride these waves easily and continue to grow.

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Consumer Goods
& Retail

Much as they may wish otherwise, most Indian consumer good companies find that they have no consistent “Reach” into almost 65% of the country’s population (especially in rural, rur-ban areas) since they believe that this spread out population would be ‘cost inefficient’ to service. Find out how you expand your ‘reach’ and ‘range’ availability to tap this demand, profitably.

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Textiles &

Traditionally, India’s textile businesses enjoyed lower labor costs and significant government support (capital subsidy, duty drawbacks etc.) However, things have changed in recent years, and the industry is now losing its edge to countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam! Find out how Indian companies can regain their superiority in the global markets.

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Engineering &

The growth of project organizations dealing with turnkey projects involving engineering, procurement and site construction has slowed down despite healthy demand because they operate in a highly uncertain environment (ROW issues, bureaucratic huddles etc.) Find out how companies can not only manage but also flourish in spite of these challenges.

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While the pharmaceutical industry faces many unique challenges, the fairly healthy gross margins this industry enjoys had made it possible for businesses to thrive during good times and remain viable even through tough times. However, with unprecedented and increasing competition, business complexity, velocity and volatility of markets, companies are now struggling with stressed supply chains, profit erosion and continuously lowering returns.

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Transformation Dilemma

The key to a successful transformation journey is not only in being able to identify the correct destination but also in discerning the best direction to get there! Find out how to undertake transformation projects that yield quantum jumps in performance for the organization.


Engagement Process

Vector follows an “implementation heavy” engagement process; the complete solution framework is presented before commencement of engagement.