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Ashok Leyland- Spares Parts Division
Post implementing the TOC distribution model, the company’s spares business continued to grow at over 25% year-on-year
Revving up the agri-equipment business
Read to see how the agri-equipment businesses can quickly ramp up operations to take advantage of the rising demand in the segment
Ravindra Patki, Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla & Achal Saran Pande
International Tractors Limited
After implementing TOC, the company ensures near-perfect availability of components and tractors while reducing inventory at all levels
LMW Machine Tool Division (MTD)-New Product Development
After implementation of TOC, lead times for NPD crashed and contribution of new products to sales increased three times
Hercules Hoists Limited
Production was streamlined by implementing Theory of Constraints based on “pull” manufacturing processes
Godrej Tooling
On-time delivery of ETO projects improved to 85%; overall lead time shrank
Filtrum Tools
The company reduced overall lead-time by 25%, and improved on-time delivery performance to about 90%
Godrej Storage Solutions
A new supply chain segment was created for supplying standard products with three-day guaranteed delivery
Bajaj Luminaires Division
The on time in full delivery performance of the firm improved to 85% (industry standard is 20-30%)
Godrej Securities Solutions
Within two years of implementation, profits tripled, and then quadrupled in the third year
Generic drug development: The prescription for success
Find out how companies can crash lead-time in their filing process, increase FDA submissions and earn higher margins
Satyashri Mohanty & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (Spares And Services)
After implementation, availability of spares at service points increased to 96% while overall inventory fell by 49%
Godrej Material Handling
Within a few months of implementation, manufacturing lead-times crashed to one-third
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. (Machine Tool Division)
A TOC based flow manufacturing solution was implemented to ensure on time delivery as per committed due date
Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. (KOEL)
After moving from forecast-based to consumption-based operations, the company now offers guaranteed deliveries in one week
Uncovering the hidden profit
Focusing on timely completion of projects is necessary, but it’s not sufficient to protect all of a large infrastructure project’s margins. Find out how companies can prevent margin erosion due to lack of timely material reconciliation!
Vivek Upadhyay & Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla
Management by Tactics
Organizations are abandoning 'Management by Targets' for a radical new approach that nurtures both accountability and collaboration
The Theory of Constraints Smooths the Path to Success
Bajaj Electricals Limited’s transformation story featured in SCM Now magazine - its award winning transformation from a ‘push’ to a ‘pull’ based supply chain and distribution system.
Wandering bottleneck
Find out how to protect delivery due dates in manufacturing plants with wandering bottlenecks.
TOC - It’s Never Late too Late to Re-invent
Kiran Kothekar in an investor meet discusses how TOC can help building material companies overcome challenges in the current pandemic crisis .
Managing the COVID 19 crisis: A supply chain approach
Covid-19 pandemic represents a novel dilemma - Do you choose a country's economy or health of its people? What is the way out of this dilemma?
Going beyond data for decision-making
Find out how to overcome confirmation bias in decision making. It is high time that organizations invests in improving the thoughtware for getting more and precise data elements through additional investments in hardware and software.
Leadership styles and organization culture
Find out what creates toxic work culture in an organization?
Too many cooks spoil the ..growth!
Read the article to know about how running too many initiatives simultaneously may be counter-productive
Balanced scorecard: A promise unfulfilled
Find out why the Balanced scorecard is a weak strategic management tool!
The ‘Leap Year’ at Raymond
In an interview with Outlook Business, Satyashri Mohanty explains on how Vector team identified the real problem faced at Raymond’s textile division .
Vector continues to grow with new recruits from top B-schools
With the new addition, the team size of Vector will be 140 consultants .
Raymond revamps supply chain
By implementing "pull" manufacturing and distribution, Raymond is dynamically improving its ability to react quickly to demand. .
Schneider Electric R&D applies supply chain principles to software development to gain a 70% jump in productivity
Schneider Electric and partner Vector Consulting Group, a supplychain operations firm diagnosed the core issue in software development environments. .
Drum-Buffer-Rope: Resolving the Capacity Utilization vs Reliability Conflict in Manufacturing Schedules
With the evolution of new manufacturing techniques, manufacturing plants became increasingly
The Curious Case of the Failed Entrepreneur
Amit Gade’s cheque bounced! Again! When it happened two months back in the month of May, it was dismissed as a one off aberration till it happened again; this was the third in as many months!
Throughput Accounting: An introduction
In era when accounting was invented, bulk of the cost of a product was truly variable. However in the current era, period expense has become substantial. So, when a significant portion of expenses is artificially allocated to a product, it creates many problems when these variables are used as measurements for decision making.
Not so Agile
The assumptions of Agile Methodology of software development create several challenges which derail projects
Scientific Revolution, Disruptive Innovation and Theory of Constraints
“Innovation”, “Disruption” have been buzzwords for a while. Pundits remind us how Nokia, Kodak didn’t act on time and got disrupted into oblivion.
A new inventory management paradigm for made to stock companies
Any business which manages stock to meet customer needs faces a key challenge in stock management –what is the right inventory?
Analyzing Mysteries of Implementing Replenishment
I think, the best of internalizing new knowledge is by analyzing case studies. So instead of just posting insights, I would like to share a case with you and some questions to ponder at the end of it…
Battling the efficiency syndrome. Effortlessly!
With implementation of Theory of Constraints solution, it is expected that all plant managers align their thinking and decision making to the paradigm of flow rather than local efficiencies.
Beating project deadlines, the CCPM way
The framework of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) offers a holistic approach for dealing with the Project business. A few of its nuances, however, are far from popular.
Beating the Recession Blues
Management consulting industry and all IT vendors in enterprise space, promising productivity improvement have a business cycle well aligned with the overall economy.
Blaming it on Estimation!
If one goes by the widely acclaimed Chaos reports released by the Standish Group, software projects seem to have a dubious record. In 1995, the report highlighted that only 16% of the IT projects were completed on time, within budget with original scope.
Constraints and Non-Constraints
‘An hour lost on the bottleneck is an hour lost on the entire system; An hour gained on a non-bottleneck is a mirage’
To measure or not to: The danger of focusing on measures & targets
I was addressing an audience of top management of a company recently just before a new assignment was about to kick off.
Egg before the Chicken?
The logic of CCPM appeals to common sense. The damages of bad multi-tasking and “date driven” behavior are irrefutable.
First among Equals: Marketing or Supply chain
For any company involved in manufacturing and selling of tangible products, both marketing and supply chain forms an essential aspect of business.
Focus on longest path ≠ shortest possible lead-time
Every literature on project management reminds us that the longest path of dependent tasks determines the total duration of the project.
From Sales to Production – a tale of misaligned priorities
I once had an opportunity to engage with a company producing and selling custom-built equipment for banks to try and help cut “flab” and steer the company towards improved profitability.
How to make ‘change’ happen?
In companies, there is a plethora of improvement projects deployed in any firm at any given time. But, can there be a situation where the very change that people are trying to implement becomes its own biggest hurdle?
Ignoring the Future
The Nano debuted in 2008. It was expected to be a historic event – the launch of the cheapest car ever to be sold on the planet. Auto analysts across the world prophesized the Nano would be a game changer for the Indian auto industry.
Is your Planning Method bloating your working capital Requirements?
Current downturn is putting pressure on companies not just to reduce costs but also to reduce the working capital requirements.
Why management by objectives is flawed?
One of the pre-dominant styles of conventional management is management by objectives. On the face of it, the approach appears objective. However, it is not without flaws, as the following case studies highlight.

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