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    Increasing productivity while reducing lead time in manufacturing

    Many auto companies claim to have minimum inventory, but most also suffer from acute shortages, frequent expediting, and the need for continuous production rescheduling. International Tractors Limited moved away from a forecast-based model to an end-to-end pull-replenishment based model to overcome these issues and ensure near-perfect availability of components while reducing inventory in the entire value chain.

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    Fleetguard Filters: Ten Years Of TOC Implementation

    Fleetguard Filters Ltd. implemented the principles of Theory Of Constraints company-wide to achieve phenomenal improvements in financial and operational performance. This video describes their ten-year journey of excellence which won them several national and international recognitions.

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    Transforming Tata Motors Spares Supply Chain Using Theory Of Constraints

    Tata Motors Spares CVBU partnered with Vector Consulting Group to harness the power of Theory Of Constraints in order to build agility and excellence in its service by transforming its large and highly complex supply chain network from a forecasting based system to pull replenishment. The company discusses this journey and its remarkable results in this video.